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    St Mary's Boarding Finishing School
    100% Guaranteed Results
    Programmes are built upon a deep understanding
    Helps embark on further studies
    Essential skills to start your own business
  • Education is a Priorty
    We Provide Smart solutions for your Career!
    Financial Advisor
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    Physical Science
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    Electrical Technology
  • Welcome to St Mary's Boarding Finishing School

    St Mary's Boarding Finishing School is for all parents and students who crave high quality education. The school is a mixed day and boarding for students who up grade matric and grade 12 students hungry for academic excellence. The school has excellent boarding facillties for both boys and girls.

    St Mary's boarding finishing school seeks to enroll outstanding and motivated students from south africa and the diaspora. Academic and need based scholarships are available to successful candidates.

Our School Pictures

The ways ideas spread

Possible Careers

  • Financial Advisor
  • Accounting Manager
  • Project Engineer
  • Business Analyst
  • Human Resources Coordinator
  • Quality Control Manager

What We Offers

  • Physical Science
  • Life Science
  • Mathematics
  • Geography
  • English (1st Addition Language)
  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • Business Studies
  • Tourism
  • Agriculture Technology
  • Agricultural Science
  • Agricultural Management and Practice
  • E.G.D
  • Electrical Technology
  • Civil Technology

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